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The Biryani’s of India.

The name is derived from the Persian word beryā(n) (بریان), meaning “fried, roasted”. The dish originates somewhere around present day Turkey / Iran.

It came to India with Islamic traders from the region and was adopted by the Mughals here and made famous. It is now very popular across the Indian subcontinent from Kashmir to Kanyakumari from Sindh (Pak) to Burma. In fact it is the national dish of Pakistan and served in their airlines.

There are also many other famous varieties of Biryani in India like Kacchi, Tehari, Dhal, Fish, Chicken, Dindugal, Thalserry, Sindhi, Vaniambadi, Thalapakatti, Bhatkali, Rawther, Karachi, Kalyani etc

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31 July, 1980

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